Moving With Medicare Supplement Coverage: How To Plan

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Moving With Medicare Supplement Coverage: How To Plan

5 January 2022
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It is always important for Medicare recipients to report changes as soon as possible, including a move to another state. While a move to another state does not necessarily have to impact your coverage, there are certain factors that can change, so reporting this information is important. If you plan to move and you have a Medicare supplement plan, learn more about the moving process and what you should do.

Social Security Address Update

The first step in the process should involve you contacting the Social Security Administration to update your address. The Medicare system automatically uses the address information that the Social Security Administration has on file for each subscriber. In the event your Medicare plan provider needs to send you important information and the address is incorrect, you could miss out on the information, which could have a negative impact on your coverage. 

State Limitations

Medicare is a federal program, but supplement plans are available at the state level, in that certain states offer certain plans. Largely, the same supplement plans are available across the country, so you can easily transfer your coverage. However, there are a handful of states with limited supplement plan availability, which may mean that you have to choose an entirely new supplement plan, so you will want to find out this information as soon as possible. 

Rate Changes

Even if you move to a state that offers the same supplement plan you currently have, there is no guarantee that the policy premium will be the same. The zip code of the subscriber largely contributes to the plan cost, so any change in zip code can impact the amount you pay. Again, the earlier you inquire about the move, the sooner you can get the new rate information and plan your budget.

Coverage Access

Another factor to keep in mind is coverage access, particularly when it comes to inpatient treatment. Often, inpatient treatment is only fully covered when it occurs within the local area of the subscriber. If you move, fail to update the agency about this change, and have to be hospitalized, your inpatient stay may be covered, but only at a non-network rate, which can be costlier. Proper notification will ensure you have access to greater coverage. 

If you have questions or concerns about your move, do not hesitate to ask for assistance to ensure you have your information transferred and your coverage is not impacted.