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The rules, regulations and restrictions of medical insurance can change a lot over short periods of time. What may be covered this year may not be next year. The premiums that you are paying this year could double next year. How much do you pay out of pocket before your insurance picks up the expenses? Do you have an out of pocket limit to meet before your insurance covers anything? Our blog will help you gain a better understanding of how your insurance works to protect you and assistance in reading the documents you receive to alert you of upcoming changes on your health insurance policy.

What To Know Concerning Long-Term Care Coverage

14 May 2017
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When suffering from a serious medical problem, many people lose the ability to care for themselves. Those suffering from serious medical problems may require long-term care facilities to help them enjoy an acceptable quality of life. Sadly, this type of care can be fairly expensive, and you will want to make sure that you are following some tips to help you choose an insurance policy that will provide ample coverage. Read More …

Worried About Your Medicare Coverage After Your Spouse Loses a Job? What Should You Know?

25 April 2017
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If you're like many dual-income couples, you and your spouse may be planning to retire at different dates. Whether due to a variance in ages, job duties, earnings, or simply one spouse's desire to keep working, many individuals may precede their spouse in retirement by anywhere from a few months to a decade or more. However, when it comes to your Medicare insurance coverage (and supplemental coverage), depending upon your working spouse's healthcare coverage can sometimes be a risky -- and complicated -- prospect. Read More …

Important Information About Medigap

31 March 2017
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Medigap can be confusing because it's one of many Medicare-related health plans. Most people who aren't on Medicare think of it as one monolithic policy, but it's not. Traditional Medicare covers a certain amount, and after that, you have to rely on another policy. For those who enrolled in traditional Medicare, Medigap is what you want -- and even that is divided into separate policies. There are additional things you need to know about Medigap depending on your age, when you signed up, where you signed up, and what other coverage you need. Read More …

5 Reasons To Consider An Internist Instead Of A Family Doctor

27 March 2017
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When you decide on a primary physician, you will probably have to choose between an internist and a family doctor. These terms can be confusing, and many people believe that doctors practicing internal medicine and family medicine are the same. However, there are significant differences in the two fields, and it's important to know them. Many adults would benefit greatly from choosing an internist over a family doctor. Here are 5 reasons why. Read More …