Which Method Of Medicare Advantage Enrollment Works Best For You?

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Which Method Of Medicare Advantage Enrollment Works Best For You?

7 April 2021
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Whether you are about to turn 65 or you are looking for a new plan during the open enrollment, you may wonder how you actually go about signing up for a medicare advantage plan. There are several different ways of enrolling in an advantage plan, but ultimately, the one that is the best option is the one that is easiest for you. Here are a few ways you may be able to get signed up, plus the pros and cons of using each method.

Insurance Agents

Pros: If you talk to an insurance agent from a particular agency, you should be able to get signed up for a plan easily. They will usually be extremely knowledgeable about the details for the individual plans, along with perks for signing up. 

Cons: One of the only things you may run into when signing up with an agent is that you will likely not be able to compare plans from other insurance agencies. If you know exactly which one you want, this should not be a problem, however, you may miss out on some coverage by not shopping around. 

Medicare Volunteers

Pros: Medicare volunteers can be incredible resources because they are unbiased and free. They will usually be able to help you compare plans and even sign up. You can find medicare volunteers by looking online. 

Cons: The only con you may run into with using a volunteer is that they may not know all of the new details that change with specific plans each and every year. Medicare plans sometimes change their formularies or minute details that can have a big effect. Only insurance agents will know about these changes unless they have been studied out. 


Pros: Signing yourself up online may save you a lot of time and can be very easy if you know what you are doing. If you look online you can compare plans, research drug formularies, and sign up without needing anyone's help. 

Cons: If you are not well versed in medicare plans you may end up signing up for a plan that does not have sufficient coverage. Plus, if you are not careful you may think you are signed up for a plan when you are not. 

In conclusion, if you are unsure of how to sign yourself up for an advantage plan, research individuals in your area who may be able to help. You may also want to write down the dates between which you need to sign up so that you can avoid penalties for late enrollment. Good luck on your journey to get your medicare all figured out. 

For more information, contact a medicare advantage enrollment service.