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The rules, regulations and restrictions of medical insurance can change a lot over short periods of time. What may be covered this year may not be next year. The premiums that you are paying this year could double next year. How much do you pay out of pocket before your insurance picks up the expenses? Do you have an out of pocket limit to meet before your insurance covers anything? Our blog will help you gain a better understanding of how your insurance works to protect you and assistance in reading the documents you receive to alert you of upcoming changes on your health insurance policy.

5 Ways Your Small Business Benefits From Your Own Health Insurance

30 November 2022
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As an entrepreneur, you make many sacrifices for your business, your employees, and your goals. But should one of these sacrifices be health insurance for yourself? No. Not having health insurance as an owner harms not only you but also your business. How? Here are a few reasons to make room in your budget for healthcare.  1. You Can Work Better. Your business is better off when you aren't distracted by poor health. Read More …

Getting New Benefits? Tips To Help You Select Your Health Insurance

29 September 2022
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Whether you're selecting your benefits because you've just started a new job or it's open enrollment and you are in search of a better plan, choosing which medical coverage to invest in is a big deal. You may be in excellent health right now but it's hard to tell if this will change at some time in the future. The health insurance plan you select right now must have the right provisions so it's important for you to cover as many bases as possible. Read More …

Moving With Medicare Supplement Coverage: How To Plan

5 January 2022
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It is always important for Medicare recipients to report changes as soon as possible, including a move to another state. While a move to another state does not necessarily have to impact your coverage, there are certain factors that can change, so reporting this information is important. If you plan to move and you have a Medicare supplement plan, learn more about the moving process and what you should do. Read More …