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understanding changes in health insurance

The rules, regulations and restrictions of medical insurance can change a lot over short periods of time. What may be covered this year may not be next year. The premiums that you are paying this year could double next year. How much do you pay out of pocket before your insurance picks up the expenses? Do you have an out of pocket limit to meet before your insurance covers anything? Our blog will help you gain a better understanding of how your insurance works to protect you and assistance in reading the documents you receive to alert you of upcoming changes on your health insurance policy.

Enjoy Better Benefits: Why You Need To Enroll In A Medicare Supplement

12 November 2021
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If the time has come for you to enroll in Medicare coverage, don't forget about the supplements. Failing to sign up for Medicare supplements could cause you to leave valuable coverage on the table that could benefit your health and your life. Medicare supplements allow you to upgrade and improve the care you receive through stand-alone Medicare coverage. If you're not sure how you'll benefit from Medicare supplements, read the information provided here. Read More …

The Main Purposes For Subscribing To Employer-Offered Health Insurance

24 August 2021
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When you start a new job, you may have the opportunity to take out benefits like employer-subsidized insurance. As available as these benefits are, you may wonder if they are really worth investing in and something that you will end up using later. It can be tempting to turn them down because of their price tag and the rules that come with subscribing to them. However, you can take advantage of what employer-offered health insurance can offer to you by realizing the most common reasons why employees like you purchase it. Read More …

What You Should Know About Self-Employed Health Insurance Quotes

6 July 2021
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If you are self-employed, you know that the world of health insurance can be more confusing. It's normal, after all, to have a lot of questions about the way your insurance works. If you don't even have insurance yet, it's normal to wonder what will factor into your quote. For the self-employed, health insurance can be difficult to understand. Here's what you need to know. The Marketplace Is Available for Many People Read More …

Which Method Of Medicare Advantage Enrollment Works Best For You?

7 April 2021
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Whether you are about to turn 65 or you are looking for a new plan during the open enrollment, you may wonder how you actually go about signing up for a medicare advantage plan. There are several different ways of enrolling in an advantage plan, but ultimately, the one that is the best option is the one that is easiest for you. Here are a few ways you may be able to get signed up, plus the pros and cons of using each method. Read More …

Have Original Medicare? Signs You May Need A Medicare Supplement Plan

28 December 2020
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If you meet certain qualifications you automatically become eligible for Original Medicare. You may be aged 65 or older, be disabled, or have end-stage renal disease (ESRD.) Each of these conditions places you in a position where you can receive Original Medicare. However, Original Medicare typically only covers hospitalization and listed medical protections. This insurance might not be sufficient enough to meet your needs. Read through the information below so you can begin to determine if you should take out a Medicare supplement plan. Read More …